Mo (mofic) wrote,

Another Edition of...

Siblings and Other People I Know in the News

Zara and I stayed up and watched Torturing Democracy because my sister Carol was on the panel. I have my doubts about whether having Zara watch a pretty harrowing 90-minute documentary on torture was such a good idea, but she wanted to. The documentary is very good, albeit hard to watch. It gives a clear picture of some of the damage that the Bush Administration has done with its torture policy. Damage not only to the victims of torture, but to our own military, to our world-wide reputation. Zara and I both found it heartening and reassuring, though, to see and hear from the people in the military who said "no" to torture.

- My first babysitter, Becca, is on page A29 of the Times as a small child,\
=slogin. It's an article on growing up in Park Slope in the 1980s and on a facebook community for those who did.
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