Mo (mofic) wrote,

This Really Made Me LOL

An old story from my sister, about building her first sukkah.

OK - so it was several years back, after moving into the house when we were building our first Sukkah. We had finished the frame and just needed the slats to go across the top. So, T. sent me to the local lumber yard one afternoon after school to get them. We didn't need any particular width, and just needed them long enough to span the top of the frame. So the idea was I would talk to them and see what was precut and therefore cheaper, and not have them cut the wood specifically for us, since we had some flexibility.
So, arriving at the lumber yard the conversation went like this:

Me: I need some boards, 11-14 feet long or close to that. Width is flexible. What do you have that is already cut?

Lumber Yard Guy: Well...what kind of wood?

Me: There are kinds? I really am not a building type. I don't know. What kinds do you have that meet those measurements?

LYG: Well, what kind you get will really depend on the project...

Me: It really doesn't matter what kind.

LYG: What are you building?

Me: It really doesn't matter what kind.

LYG: It would really help if I knew what you were building.

Me: (pause) a hut...

LYG: A hut?

Me:'s a...a religious thing [At this point I realize that I not only sound really dumb, but also now really crazy]

LYG: much money does G-d want you to spend on your...hut?

Me: As little as possible. These are just boards that are going across the top, just balancing up there. The hut is already built. It really doesn't matter what kind of wood. It just needs to be longer than 10 feet, really. That's all.

LYG: Let me go see what we have.

Well, LYG comes back and has found me something that is relatively inexpensive. I buy 10 or 12 of the boards and he helps me load them into the car.

I arrive home, to find T there, waiting to help me unload.

I say, "Well, I can't ever go back there again."

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