Mo (mofic) wrote,

Things I'm Happy and Sad About in This Election

Besides the obvious and almost overwhelming happiness that our President Elect is Barack Obama.


- That the win was decisive enough, both in popular vote and electoral college, that the Republican machine won't even try any post-election dirty tricks to get it overturned.

- That the reputation of the United States just went way up world-wide in one day.

- That Barack Obama truly was judged on the content of his character.

- That being smart, well-educated, and hard-working might again be considered positive attributes in a POTUS.

- That we may well see the end of United States sponsored torture.

- That the influence of the virulently homophobic, racist, and anti-Semitic Christian Right might actually be on the wane in this country.

- That the Democrats have majorities in both houses.

- That John McCain's disgraceful campaign tactics didn't work.

- That Elizabeth Dole's disgraceful campaign tactics didn't work.

- That McCain gave such a beautiful and gracious concession speech that showed he really still can be the great man he was before he lost his bearings.

- That the New York State Senate finally has a Democratic majority.

- That the next Supreme Court Justice (and possibly the next two or three or four Supreme Court Justices) will be nominated by someone who understands and respects Constitutional Law.

- That it looks like Proposition 8 passed, depriving same-sex couples in California of legal recognition of their marriages. I feel particularly heartbroken for those in San Francisco who twice had legal recognition of their marriages snatched from them.

- That the wave of new Obama voters contributed to the result with Proposition 8, and that Obama's own opposition to legal recognition of same-sex marriage and his stated reason for his opposition encouraged bigotry and encouraged religious rationalization of bigotry.

- That McCain's supporters behaved in such an ugly fashion at his concession speech. I worry about people who really believed the lies the campaign told and how they will behave in the wake of this election.

- That John McCain, for whom I have had such respect and admiration over the years, sank so low in this campaign.

- That Al Franken lost in Minnesota.

- That it looks like a convicted felon may have won in Alaska.

- That expectations and hopes are so high at this moment that they will inevitably be dashed. I truly think Obama will be a great president, but he ascends at an extremely difficult time and he will necessarily accomplish less and the accomplishments will take longer than we all would wish.
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