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Additional Information for Readers of A Questionable Proposition

This story was written as part of the livelongnmarry auction to support efforts to combat Proposition 8 in California. Unfortunately we lost that one, but I am proud that the fandom corner of lj raised over $50,000 for this effort and that I was part of it, on both ends.

My original offer was:
I offer to write a story in the X-Men movieverse (any of the three movies) with your preferred characters and pairings. Story can be sexually explicit or not, as you prefer. I will include OCs from my previous fiction upon request. I write character-driven slash with complex plots, complex characters, and realistic sex (albeit realistic sex that incorporates mutant powers). My main pairing is Scott/Logan but I'm open to any pairing you choose and will write het or femslash or gen, as requested. My fiction can be found at

So, I’d agreed to take requests on characters, pairings and whether or not there would be explicit sex in the story. I didn’t explicitly agree to any particular plot elements, but I did want to accommodate as much as I could.

Here is what the winner of the auction requested:

• A story unconnected to my previous fiction, starting from scratch with the characters
• Scott/Logan movieverse with explicit sex
• Unresolved Sexual Tension before they get to that point
• Physical violence between the two of them
• Scott and Logan are stranded somewhere alone together
• Each learns something about the other one he didn’t previously know
• Scott smiles at something funny Logan says

So I think I got all of those into the story. I had two possible ways to go on this one. My first thought was to make it a post-X3 story. I think there’s plenty of room in X3 for writing fic where Scott did not die. We know that Jean was in a “telekinetic cocoon” between X2 and X3. I thought that she might have put Scott in there in her place. And Logan would realize he was still alive and go get him. Plenty of opportunity for them to be stranded alone together. And when Logan mentions that he happens to have killed Scott’s girlfriend, I think the violence would likely follow. Particularly if he tells Scott after he and Scott have had sex, having previously only said that Jean died. Anyway, I thought it had promise and considered that as a possibility.

The second possibility I considered (and eventually went with) was a story set between the first two movies. Scott is already out of the picture when Logan shows up in X2, and remains gone for much of the movie. There’s no indication that Scott and Logan have had any contact between the films, but there’s no indication that they haven’t, either, and that allows for some room, particularly if the characters who do greet Logan in X2 (Jean and Storm) didn’t know what had happened between Scott and Logan in between films. So I thought that had potential, too.

In deciding which way to go I was mostly motivated by my thorough hatred of X3. I think the movie is such a mess from beginning to end. I love the idea of fanfic as a way to fix canon gone wrong, but every time I think about doing that with X3 I just feel it’s too bad to fix. So I went with the other option.

My major research in this one, other than geographic, was about plane crashes. I’m pretty fascinated by crash landings where there are survivors and the almost superhuman effort that sometimes is expended by the pilot. I read a bunch of transcripts from black boxes as part of the research and the dialogue in the plane as it’s going down is pretty much drawn from real life.
Tags: a questionable proposition, fiction, x1 fic

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