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Writing Projects

So, as I've mentioned a gazillion times, it really felt good to be writing fiction again. I don't want to lose that feeling, so I've begun two new projects. I haven't actually put pen to paper yet (That is just a figure of speech. I don't ever put pen to paper when I'm writing fiction. I take notes on my Palm and I write on a computer) but I've been researching and plotting and taking notes for two different projects - one short and one long.

The short one is Yuletide. I've never done it before but have been intrigued by it and decided to sign up this year. It's a Secret Santa writing thing where all participants are assigned to write "rare/obscure/inactive" fandoms, meaning source text that people don't usually write fanfic about. We're not allowed to tell what the assignment is in advance and I shall abide by the rules, but I think it's okay to say that the fandom I got is a novel, one I enjoyed a lot when I read it a few years back. So I reread the book this week and have also been doing some research on the time and place it is set in, as well as jotting down notes on plot and characters. I think I might start writing this weekend. If not, certainly next week. It will be a single story, likely in the 2000-5000 word range.

The longer one is an X-Men story series that's taking shape in my brain and assorted notes on my Palm at the moment. I think I'm probably ready to write the first chapter of it. I'd been trying to decide among three different possibilities:

1. A sequel to A Questionable Proposition, written for the livelongnmarry auction, set between the first two X-Men movies and unrelated to my previous fiction.

2. A post-X3 Scott/Logan piece in which it turns out that Jean did not kill Scott in X3 and Logan goes to find him. I did a drabble about this shortly after the movie and have always meant to turn it into a real story.

3. A sequel to Past and to Come, the latest in my long post-X1 series.

I've decided to open Door Number 3, although I may well come back to the other two later. When last seen:

- my X-Men (particularly Scott and Logan) were still adjusting to life after Charles Xavier's death

- Alex has joined the team and it was somewhat of a bumpy ride

- Jean-Paul and Adam had reconciled and were trying to rebuild their relationship

- President Obama was running for re-election while scurrilous right wing news media were accusing him of inappropriate associations with dangerous mutants (remember you heard it here first)

- Scott had made a secret deal with the President that he hoped said right wing news media would not discover.

There's so much potential there for an intriguing and complex story series with both public and private elements, I think. In the last few days it has begun to take over the part of my brain that has been accustomed to obsessing about the election for the past year. I've been doing some more research on the militia movement (my militia Sacred Honor, which tricked Congress and the President into starting the War on Mutants, makes a comeback), conservative news media, and some related topics best left unsaid. I've got most of the public story and part of the private ones plotted out and I'm pretty much ready to start writing.

Yuletide has a deadline, so I'll definitely start it in the next few days, but I sometimes like to work on two things at once, alternating as I get tired of or frustrated with one of them. I think I'll probably begin both of these this coming week.
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