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More Star Wars

So, my kids and I decided to rewatch the videos now that we've seen the new one. We got through 4 out of 5 over the weekend, which was pretty good considering there was also studying for finals (the big one), going on a shabbaton (the middle one), doing a math fair project (the little one), and fanfic/laundry/housework (me). After some consideration, we decided to start with A New Hope and watch them in the order they were made, rather than in numerical order. Some observations (I'm cutting for length and also for spoilers for ROTS, although I doubt anyone reading this hasn't seen it yet):

* We really saw the connections among the different ones so much more clearly seeing them like that. The parallels between Anakin and Luke are really in sharp relief when you see them one after another. Things like Luke's possibly prophetic dreams and Anakin's, the way they're both so impatient, their skills - all stand out more. We all kept saying "He's his father's son."

* A lot of stuff is just so much more poignant when you know things. The knowing glance between Beru and Owen, the way Obiwan talks about Anakin, the first time you hear "I have a bad feeling about this" - they all affected me so much more now.

* We spotted some mistakes and inconsistencies we hadn't noticed before. I am of the opinion that Leia remembering her mother as "beautiful, kind and sad" is not a mistake - I think she's talking about Bail's first wife and doesn't know that Padme was her original mother. But other things were wrong, I believe:
- Old Ben tells Luke that no one has called him Obi-wan "since before you were born." He was clearly still Obi-wan at the time of Luke's and Leia's birth in ROTS
- Obi-wan calls Vader "Darth" as if he's using a given name at one point.
- Omission of Qui-Gon's name really stands out in the original trilogy. It's not so much that Obi-wan talks about having been taught by Yoda. He says it in a way that Yoda could be one of many teachers. He doesn't talk about the padawan system at all. But if he's been hanging out in the desert with Qui-Gon all that time it just seems like such a weird lapse to never say anything to Luke about him at all. It really felt like he was invented later (and I assume he was).

* The bar scene and the music scene entertaining Jabba the Hutt are every bit as wonderful as I remembered.

* We all loved the puppets, and felt like CGI in the newer movies just isn't as good.

* We're all itching to go on the Star Tours ride again at Disney World after rewatching.

* The whole "Leia as Sex Slave to Jabba the Hutt" bit was just downright weird. I think I probably always thought so, but there was something about my 10-year-old saying "Why is she wearing that and what does he want to do with her?" that made it clearer.

Anyway, we had a great time and it was a fun thing to share with my kids.

In other Star Wars news, Zara (aforementioned 10-year-old) and I watched this:

before getting ready for school and work this morning and we both loved it!
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