Mo (mofic) wrote,

Small Signs of Bad Economic Times

I've been kind of collecting small signs of bad economic times. Here are a few things I've noticed lately:

- I'm a member of the Smithsonian and they sent me a pretty 2009 desk calendar at the end of January. Now, obviously, if they had planned to send their members desk calendars they would have done it in December. Clearly they couldn't sell them this year.

- I have gotten at least ten ads for Disney Vacations in the past few weeks, both email and snail mail. I am a repeat Disney visitor but was last there four years ago. I think they really need business and are hard selling to old customers.

- Zara is going on a school trip to Spain in April. I got an email from the tour company saying that they are offering a "job loss guarantee" - i.e. if you lose your job you can pull your kid out of going and get your money back.

- I haven't flown anywhere in a long time (a couple of years?) but I hear from people who are flying that there are empty seats all the time.

- Zara goes to a pediatric dentist in our neighborhood (well, the big ones do, too, but the last time they went they couldn't even fit on the chairs, so I think it's time they switch to an adult one). I called this morning to schedule an appointment. Dr. Alan is very good and also very expensive. He's a really popular dentist and generally you have to schedule months in advance for a weekend appointment. They offered me appointments this weekend or next, with multiple slots available.

Anyone have others?

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