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True Blood is Back! - Mo's Journal — LiveJournal
May 26th, 2009
02:08 pm


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True Blood is Back!
I got turned onto True Blood after the first season was over, but while it was still available on HBO On Demand. Only I didn't manage to see all of the episodes before it went Off On Demand. But now, in anticipation of the second season, it's back and I caught up over the long weekend in between dealing with H1N1. My thoughts on the last few episodes, with spoilers, are behind the cut:

1. I mentioned when he first showed up, how drawn I felt to Eddie, Lafayette's source of V in return for sex. I think he's such a poignant figure, and even more so when Jason and Amy kidnap him and eventually kill him. His coming out story was heart-breaking and their completely callous disregard for him (as exemplified most affectingly by having sex a few feet from him) felt real. I was very sad when he died. I really loved the juxtaposition of Amy saying he's less than human and referring to him as their pet and the Vampire Overlord referring to Sookie as Bill's pet.

2. I think they did the Bill Does Terrible Things Out of Love for Sookie and Sookie Doesn't Understand What He's Doing So She Dumps Him for Sam one time too many. Hasn't she learned yet?

3. I loved the plot twist with the exorcism, where it turns out to be a fake and how that's revealed.

4. I thought the red herring about Sam and the dog was very clever. At first I was sure he turns into the dog but then when I saw him with the dog I thought I was wrong. But I was glad to be right.

5. That said, I think there are getting to be too many supernatural characters altogether. It works for me in part because it's a world so much like ours, just with vampire legends being based on something real. So it's easy to believe because everything else is so real and the vampire thing is presented in a way that seems to jibe with what *would* happen if it were true. But I liked that vampires were the only twist. Well, that and Sookie being a telepath but I kind of half believe in telepathy anyway, so I'm okay with that. But now we add genetic shapeshifters that nobody knows about, and were wolves and it's starting to feel to divorced from reality. I hope they kind of rein it in with a lot of real-life details.

6. I love how the vampire/gay parallel goes into high gear with the vampire marriages in Vermont and so on.

7. I was right on two big things - that Rene was the murderer and Sam was the dog, which both make me happy (being right, that is). And I was surprised by enough stuff, too.

8. I'm heartbroken they killed Lafayette. He was my favorite one! I think he really is dead because I have it on good authority that he died just like that in the second book and that's about where they are now. OTOH, sometimes American TV adaptations decide to "correct" stuff by not really killing off popular characters who died in the original. OT3H I don't know how popular he is.

8. I think Jessica the Homeschooling Vampire was a good comic addition. I loved that Eric gives her back because she's so annoying. It reminded me of the Ransom of Red Chief.

9. I'm dying to know what the rich socialite/social worker/shapeshifter 's real agenda is and whether "Eggs" is in on it.

I'm looking forward to the second season!

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Date:May 27th, 2009 12:22 am (UTC)
Yeah, I agree with you on #2 - that just never happened in the book, and I think it was a bit of a wrong move on the part of Alan Ball.

Down the road a bit, you'll discover that there is indeed *more* supernatural stuff around... nearby, but not among the people that they are showing now. (It doesn't get *too* out-of-control in the books because there are just so many humans around; and most of the weirdness happens at a couple known places - which Sookie tends to visit or be taken to in her usual quest to solve some sort of supernatural (typically murder) mystery)). Part of the reason is that New Orleans is kind of a supernatural mecca, and part is that really rural, warm places are good places for supernatural folks to sequester themselves without raising Waco-type questions. Even further down the line, we discover a reason why there seems to be so many supernatural folks around Sookie. ;)
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Date:May 27th, 2009 04:44 pm (UTC)
Part of the reason is that New Orleans is kind of a supernatural mecca, and part is that really rural, warm places are good places for supernatural folks to sequester themselves without raising Waco-type questions.

That all sounds very interesting and would give the rationale for it all that would help with the verisimilitude, I think.
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