Mo (mofic) wrote,

Writing About Something You Know Nothing About

I belong to the community little_details and enjoy it a lot. As the name suggests, it's a place for writers to ask for "little details" they can't find out through their research and need for a story. I read them fairly regularly and offer info if I've got it. Sometimes people need a little more info than they can find about a location or an event or so on, to add a little texture to a story. Some of the "little details" I have provided for X-Men writers from time to time (although not all through this comm) include answers to:

- If the X-Men went to a mall, what mall would it be?
- Where would the X-Men go to the beach?
- What's a good location for Rogue to be going for "the cure" in X3 (with specifics of the kind of location it should be)?

These are the kinds of things that someone familiar with NYC and its suburbs can answer easily, but could be hard for someone who doesn't live here, regardless of how much research they do. So I think it's good to ask - a friend or a comm.

What dumbfounds me is people who post on that comm who apparently know absolutely nothing about the milieu in which they're setting their story, yet seem to only care about a "little detail." How do they ever think they are going to write a story set in a time and place they are completely ignorant of, or within a subculture they know nothing about? And why would they think that getting one detail right would somehow matter, given complete ignorance?

::scratches my head and wonders::
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