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The Things You Do For Your Kids - 10-year-old edition

So, my big kids both had places to go tonight (one barbecue, one party in the park) and it was just Zara (10-year-old of the subject line) and me for the evening. We decided to see Batman Begins. As it was getting to be time to leave for the movie, she said "I think we should dress up."

Me: Why?

Z: I don't know. We almost never get dressed up and it's Saturday night and we're going out.

Me: I'm wearing a dress already.

Z: It's a sundress. That's not dressed up.

Me: True.

So we got back about a half hour ago from seeing Batman Begins. In formal wear.

P.S. It's a really good movie.

P.P.S. Everyone else in the theatre (and on the bus getting there and back) was underdressed :-).
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