Mo (mofic) wrote,

Update: Palm Died, What to Do

I ended up getting a phone upgrade instead of a new (or used) PDA. I played with the Google organizer applications for a while and decided I liked them, so I went with an android phone. It's the T-Mobile MyTouch and I got it quite cheaply through my plan.

Getting to know it and getting my data on it took some time. I was able to import my address book into it pretty seamlessly, but not my calendar. So I entered the calendar appointments into Google Calendar, which was pretty easy, if a bit time-consuming. I just kept two windows open - one with Google Calendar and one with the Palm Calendar and toggled back and forth. I didn't do past appointments, figuring I can look them up in Palm on my workstation if I need to and don't necessarily need to carry them around.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the phone so far. I don't have any fiction on it yet, but I have email, calendar, address book, alarm clock and so on. And it has a bunch of cool apps, so I'm even having fun with it. Thanks all who commented and made suggestions and answered questions.

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