Mo (mofic) wrote,

Recent Reading - Career Building Through Fan Fiction Writing by Miriam Segall

I was intrigued to see this book in my public library and brought it home. It appears to be written for teens. Most of the book is a description of what fan fic is, how people get into it, where stories are archived, a broad brush view of legal issues, what some popular fandoms are and so forth. The "career building" part is really just a few paragraphs about how some professional writers begin as fanfic writers.

It was interesting to me for what it covered, and also for what it didn't cover. There's a fairly extended discussion of RPF; there's an explanation of what a Mary Sue is; there's a long bit on shipping. Yet there's not a single mention of slash, which is a pretty big part of the fan fic scene, and at least as likely to be encountered by someone looking for fanfic after reading the book as Mary Sues or RPF.

The closest thing to slash mentioned is a reference to something the author calls "acid pairs" - a term I'd never heard before. She says an "acid pair" story is one written with a romance between two characters who never would have been romantically involved in canon, and that the stories are usually satirical in nature. Well, slash is about sexual and/or romantic connection between characters who aren't involved in canon (and who aren't homosexually involved with anyone in canon) but as a genre it's not usually satirical (although, of course, there are satirical slash stories). Anyway, I found it an interesting omission...
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