Mo (mofic) wrote,

Lovely Weekend Away

I had such a good time this past weekend in Toronto, at the home of talktooloose. He hosted a weekend-long wrap party for his just completed X-Men novel, Days of Becoming. lux_apollo,kuriadalmatia, and I descended on him for a weekend of celebration, cooking/eating, exploring Toronto, and much, much discussion of all manner of things.

Days of Becoming is a novel length fanfic set in movieverse and covering a period from well before the start of the first movie until after the third one. The main pairing is Bobby/John and talktooloose has a fascinating, appealing, and oh so believably adolescent take on both of them. He weaves a complex, yet approachable story full of interesting characters - canon and OC. I recommend everyone read it, at

Being at talktooloose's house and with my co-betas was so comfy and so fun, almost shockingly so considering the fact that some of us had never met before. He is a wonderful host and it was lovely to hang out with him and to get to know lux_apollo and kuriadalmatia in person.

I hope I can return the hospitality sometime!
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