Mo (mofic) wrote,

Facebook and Terrorism

So, I was intrigued to hear that the picture for Faisal Shahzad (arrested while on a plane about to take off for Dubai) that the FBI used to identify him was from his facebook account. I looked him up. There are a few of them, none identified as residents of Connecticut. Interestingly, although the pictures of the Faisal Shahzads are all men, the info identifies every one of them as female. This is peculiar.

The first one is here. S/he lists his/her activities as:

Reading Books, Palying Football, Snooke, Using Internet, Study Books Related Current Affairs

I suppose "buying cars to commit terrorist acts" would have made it too easy.

Btw, I also find it bizarre that the radio news keeps announcing that the FBI is trying to find out if Faisal Shahzad "hooked up with any terrorists" while in Pakistan. Does it matter whether he had sex with terrorists :-)?
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