Mo (mofic) wrote,

During a Winter Much Like This One Long Ago...

I was picking four-year-old Doran up from preschool/daycare one winter day. There had been many snowstorms and the weather had stayed cold enough for the snow to stick around for weeks (both pretty unusual in New York City). Consequently, there were high piles of plowed snow that we had to get around, and sometimes over, in order to go from preschool to the subway that would take us home.

I had baby Kendra strapped to my chest so I couldn't really pick Doran up and carry him over the mounds of snow. To keep him on task, I made a game of it. He was the Great Mountain Guide Sherpa Doran and he was guiding me through the mountains to the subway. He was quite into it. At a particularly high pile, I said, "Do you want me to hold your hand while you go over?"

"No!" he indignantly replied (Doran has always done indignant well). "Famous Sherpa guides never hold their mommies' hands!" Then he thought about it a little more and added, "Except when they're crossing the street."
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