Mo (mofic) wrote,

Boomerang Kids and Biopsy Results

The Boomerang Kids have arrived!
Doran and his girlfriend, Jyoti, have moved back home. As in my home. Along with their two cats. Doran graduated from college in May and he has been more or less living with Jyoti since then, so he hasn't really been living at home for four years, although he went to a nearby college and has certainly been around home a lot. Jyoti had a very small apartment and there really wasn't room for both of them (and two cats) so most of his stuff was still at home and they were looking for a place that they could live in together for September 1, when her lease ran out. They didn't find one. Plan B was for Doran to move home, Jyoti to get a temporary share-type situation, and they'd keep looking. Only she couldn't find a temporary place either and they asked if they could move in and I said yes and they moved in last week.

It's kind of tight but also nice having them around. A lot of their stuff is in storage and Zara and I got some more storage furniture and stuff for the apartment to make it easier. It is a big apartment and plenty of room for five people, but three rooms and all of the closets are devoted to my ex's hoarded material. So four of us are living in 75% of the apartment and she and her stuff are living in the other 25%. Mostly her stuff lives there since there isn't really room for her to do anything in the apartment. She eats all meals out and spends a lot of time out of the apartment. When she's there, she sits on a little foam chair/love seat thing in the corner and leans to the side to sleep on it at night.

Anyway, it's nice having the kids around for company and for help but we all hope this will be a temporary arrangement. Technically, only Doran is a Boomerang, but I've taken to calling them the "Boomerang Kids" and their cats the "Boomerang Cats" and Zara has picked it up, too.

Biopsy Results Weren't What I'd Hoped For
I'd originally thought I'd have to do further treatment regardless of results, but my surgeon had broached the idea that if they were good, we might be done, so I got my hopes up. I got results yesterday. Cancer has spread to the nodes and the tumor was also larger than expected (not a biopsy issue, clearly, but he told me at the same time). So it was growing faster than they thought and has spread, meaning I do need more treatment. Obviously I'd rather be done, but my nightmare scenario was an unclear path - e.g. good biopsy results and the surgeon saying he got it all and don't do anything more and the endocrinologist or oncologist saying go ahead to the next treatment. So, being very task oriented I feel some relief at knowing what the next task is.

That said, I'm not thrilled to have to have the radioactive iodine treatment. I have to be in "thyroid deprivation" for that. I'm having trouble believing I'm not sufficiently deprived now - leave me alone for five minutes and I fall asleep and even one flight of stairs is exhausting. Anyway, I will have blood drawn on 9/15, then go back to the doctor on 9/20. He'll have results by then and if I'm deprived enough :-/ I can start treatment the next day.

The treatment requires isolation. Not like a negative pressure room or quarantine level isolation, but I can't have any physical contact with anyone for three days, can't use the same bathroom as anyone else, same sheets and towels, be in the same room, etc. With the Boomerang Kids and Two Boomerang Cats, arranging for me to be separate from everyone for 3 days is a little more complicated, but I have it planned out. I'll sleep on the pull out couch since it's the closest I can get to a bathroom and I'm likely to need to be right near one (there is a bedroom with bathroom attached, but it's in Hoarding Central). I'll have access, too, to my study and Doran's bedroom. Doran and Jyoti will use my bedroom and all the kids will use the bathroom in Hoarding Central. We can all use the kitchen and dining room, just at different times.

This all would be easier if three rooms and all the closets were not devoted to hoarding, but most things about living there would be easier if three rooms and all the closets were not devoted to hoarding. I'm hoping that this will all be done before the High Holidays.
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