February 18th, 2005


So, maybe I'll try this livejournal thing after all

I've had a livejournal account for a few months now, but no livejournal. I've just used the account as an easy way to read a few other people's journals, and some livejournal communities. I've resisted being sucked into the vortex of lj along with the rest of the fanfic writers in the world, but I've finally concluded that resistance is futile. I'm giving in.

I'm in the final revision stages of a new fanfic series, so I'll probably post it here as well as on lists when it's done. If I can figure out how to work this thing. It took me about half an hour to manage to get a picture up, which does not bode well for trying to get fanfic on here...


P.S. The picture is a very old one. Still, I think if one has held a baby orangutan and has pictorial evidence of such, it must be shared.
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Returning Spring

Series Information for Returning Spring

Fandom: X-Men Movieverse

Series Title: Returning Spring

Scenario/Sequel: This story series is a sequel to After the Fall, which started shortly after the end of X2: X-Men United. These two series draw upon both X-Men movies as their canon. I use some characters and concepts from the comics and other sources (e.g. the novelization of the first movie) but feel bound only to be consistent with what’s portrayed in the movies themselves.

Pairing: Scott/Logan

Length: Returning Spring is 10 stories long, totaling approximately 26,000 words.

Rating: This series is rated NC/17 because it contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity.

Disclaimer: The X-Men and Alpha Flight belong to Marvel. The movies belong to Fox. Dr. Ethan Allen Leeds and Angela/Cassandra are products of my fevered imagination. I get no monetary reward from writing these stories, just enjoyment.

Archiving and Forwarding: Certainly, just ask. Alternate file formats available upon request.

Feedback: Yes, please! Write to me at mogbrg@yahoo.com

Note to Readers of My Prior Stories: My X2 stories start from scratch. They are out of continuity with my other fiction, which was based only on the first movie. I use some of the same ideas and elements I’ve used before (e.g. Scott is still an English teacher) but many of the characters and relationships are different from what they were in my previous fiction. Remember: none of that stuff in the other stories has happened.

Note on Literature Referenced in the Series: As my Scott is an English teacher, my fiction tends to be full of literary quotes and allusions. More information on the literature referenced in the stories can be found, with urls to read the works themselves, in a separate literature guide I will post at the end of the series. It contains spoilers, so should be read after the series itself.

Acknowledgements: Big thanks to SLM and CEA, for all their help and encouragement as I was writing. They caught errors, gave ideas, and improved the stories. Mistakes are mine alone. Thanks as well to Sam Walker, for all the nifty Vermont information and to RGB, for letting me use her house in Peru (although it's changed so much I doubt she'll recognize it), and to AM for paramedic info.

Website: My website is currently under (re)construction. Older stories are available at www.angelfire.com/comics/mo including After the Fall, to which this is the sequel, at http://www.angelfire.com/comics/mo/2/afterthefall.htm Stay tuned for the new and improved website.

Note: To read the series, press the "next entry" button at the top of the page (right arrow) to get to the first story, and then again for each successive story.

Returning Spring - First Story

From You Have I Been Absent (Returning Spring 1/10)

She wasn’t Jean. I was sure of that. Well, most of the time I felt sure. Sometimes I wondered a bit, I have to admit. There were moments when I doubted my own perceptions, and there were more of them as time went on. Everyone but Charles seemed perfectly willing to believe she was who she seemed to be. Still, nobody knew Jean as well as Charles and I did, and we both felt sure this wasn’t her. That had to mean something. Most of the time I thought it meant a lot.
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Returning Spring - Story 2

A Perhaps Hand (Returning Spring 2/10)

From: ProfX@mutant.org
To: Ealeeds@earthlink.net
Subject: Mutant Protection Plan goes live!

It’s a small start, I know. Just one participant this time, although we expect to be able to resettle up to a couple of families at a time when we hit our stride. Most often I think they will be families, but I’m sending you a single individual this first time. Her name’s Angela Jenkins and she is the first mutant we will be attempting to resettle in a new location and with a new identity.
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Jean X3

Returning Spring - Story 3

Outgrow the Garden (Returning Spring 3/10)
The MPP project team met weekly, on Sunday evenings, in Charles’s office. I’d only gotten back from Vermont late last night, so I was expecting to report on my experiences there as the first order of business.

I arrived for the meeting on time and found Charles and ‘Ro already settled in the seating area by the fireplace. ‘Ro was in the big leather armchair next to the couch, with Charles in his usual spot across from her, where the matching armchair would have gone, if he hadn’t left the place empty for his wheelchair. Logan and Hank hadn’t yet arrived. I sat down on the couch, figuring I could use the opportunity to catch up on what I’d missed during my absence. “How was subbing for me in Nineteenth Century American Literature, ‘Ro?” I asked.

Ororo and Charles exchanged glances. “I did sub the first week, but I couldn’t this past one.”
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logan closed eyes from eternal enigma

Returning Spring - Story 4

Glad and Sorry Seasons (Returning Spring 4/10)

I didn’t plan on talking about me. I don’t know why I did. That’s not what I was there for. The Professor’s orders were clear and I’d agreed to follow them. When I say I’ll do something, I do it.

I knew my mission in Vermont. I was going to figure out just how safe that house really is. See what I had to do to take an old ski house and turn it into a fortress that still looks like an old ski house. Use the men there however I needed them – Nightcrawler, the Alpha Flight guys, the G-Men. Get whatever I needed without anyone in the town of Peru knowing what was going on. And report to Leeds on my mission and any progress. The Professor said to meet with the doctor once right at the beginning to tell him what the security weaknesses were, and again once I figured out what I was going to do about them. As many other times as he wanted me to come and report. Give him whatever information he wanted, keep him in the loop.

Now why a shrink needed to know about fortifying that house is beyond me, but it’s what the Professor wanted, so it’s what I was doing. I headed off to the shrink’s office the second day I was there. Like I said, I wasn’t going there to talk about me and what was going on in my head.

So why did I tell him all that? There was a lot of stuff bugging me, mostly this whole thing with Scott, but that’s no reason. I know how to keep quiet about stuff that’s bugging me.
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Returning Spring - Story 5

Changing Everything Carefully (Returning Spring 5/10)

I started by talking with ‘Ro. I wanted to begin with Scott, but it didn’t seem like a good idea until I’d paved the way more. It just about broke my heart to see how he looked at me any time we were together. Well, of course, I couldn’t actually see how he looked at me. Through a glass darkly was still the only way he could see. But I could see him avoiding me whenever he could and when he couldn’t avoid looking my way, I could feel some of what he was feeling. Scott was keeping his mental shields up all the time now, but strong emotions leaked through. His feelings when he looked at me were very strong – a mixture of hostile mistrust and confusion.
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Returning Spring - Story 7

Devouring Time (Returning Spring, 7/10)

Scott was very familiar with the Look. He’d seen it on numerous students’ faces over the years. The Look was the one that said that something was troubling their teenage souls, and they wanted to talk, but weren’t sure whether to open up to a teacher.

Kitty had had the Look when she came into his office, ostensibly to talk about her college plans. Scott had discussed college options with her, recommending a few possibilities for her to look into. He had suggested that she make an appointment to talk to Charles Xavier, as well, about which schools would be a good fit. Scott had waited patiently. A couple of times Kitty had begun with a tentative “Mr. Summers?” as she nervously twirled her hair around her index finger, but retreated to more college application talk rather than tell him what was on her mind. She was thanking him now, and getting up to leave, so it was unlikely he’d find out what was bothering her today. She exited, closing the door after her.

Scott reached for the telephone, but before he could dial, Kitty was back, passing effortlessly through the closed door. “I’m sorry to bother you, Mr. Summers,” she said, breathlessly, “but there’s something I want to ask you. Are you... will you... are you and Dr. Grey getting back together?” Kitty stumbled over the words, and then looked at him expectantly.
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