June 14th, 2005

Obiwan - Ep. 1

More Star Wars

So, my kids and I decided to rewatch the videos now that we've seen the new one. We got through 4 out of 5 over the weekend, which was pretty good considering there was also studying for finals (the big one), going on a shabbaton (the middle one), doing a math fair project (the little one), and fanfic/laundry/housework (me). After some consideration, we decided to start with A New Hope and watch them in the order they were made, rather than in numerical order. Some observations (I'm cutting for length and also for spoilers for ROTS, although I doubt anyone reading this hasn't seen it yet):

Collapse )

In other Star Wars news, Zara (aforementioned 10-year-old) and I watched this:


before getting ready for school and work this morning and we both loved it!