June 21st, 2005


HIV, in fanfic and in real life

This was sparked by a few things -

* Discussions in a few places about the lack of condoms/safer sex/HIV mention in much of fanfic
* Some HIV history that crept into posts by purplepopple and in writing_sex
* The fact that I've been dealing with issues surrounding HIV in my own fiction a lot lately
* The opinion I've seen expressed in a few places that for many people, with better drugs and longer life expectancies, HIV is not such a big deal anymore.

HIV in Fanfic
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HIV in Real Life
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So, I'd love to hear anyone else's views if you've gotten this far.

How do you cover HIV in fanfic as an author?

How do you like to see it covered as a reader?

Do you think discussing real world issues concerning STDs is a turnoff in fanfic?

Is it likely that a galaxy far far away or other settings would not have to deal with issues of sex and illness?

I'd love to hear opinions on any of this. I'd also really like recs for fanfic that handles issues of HIV and AIDS well. Ones I've particularly liked are shadowscast's Once a Thief fiction and also her That Seventies Show fanfic (which doesn't deal with HIV directly, since it's before the epidemic, but leaves the reader with a bit of a sense of impending doom, since it's on the horizon) and minisinoo's X-Men novel Special, which is not slash but does deal with HIV very directly.