June 24th, 2005


Character Meme and How Well Do You Know Your Characters?

This is in two parts, but both deal with characters.

The first is an old meme, from my pre-lj days, but we did it on a list or two as well. I thought I'd put my attempts here and maybe someone who didn't do it back in the day will see it and try her hand at it, too. It was pretty interesting to do. The idea is that you do a one-page or so description of your version of a character by starting with "My [insert character name]" and then saying things you think describe him or her best. I did Scott and Logan.

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The other character thing I've been thinking about is just how well we know our characters. For some of them, I feel like I know them inside and out. For others, who are more on the periphery of my fiction, I feel like I know a little bit about them. And how do you measure that, anyway? Here's one way: Collapse )

Anyone else want to play?