July 22nd, 2005


The Dangers I Had Pass’d (What’s Past is Prologue 5/18)

RoseAnn Mendez had been looking forward to Professor Xavier’s death, hoping it would happen soon. It certainly wasn’t something she’d say to anyone at Xavier’s Academy. It was something she barely acknowledged to herself. Still, it was true.

She felt like a real bitch for thinking that. And she sure tried hard not to think it when she was working with the Professor on Cerebro. It had been bad enough when they’d been working for hours and getting nowhere and she’d thought to herself “This is so fucking boring I could die.”

“No one ever died of boredom, RoseAnn,” he’d said in that calm, even way of his, as if she’d said it to him out loud. “Sometimes we wish we could,” he’d added with a smile. She’d tried to keep better control on her thoughts when she was with him after that. When he told her that he was trying to stay alive until this mission was finished, she didn’t let herself think “Well, I hope we finish soon, then.” That night, in her bed, though, she not only thought it but imagined herself saying it to him.

Yeah, it was a bitchy thing to think, but she couldn’t help it. She’d never really liked him, never understood why everybody here seemed so crazy about him. He was just using them all, she was sure. Trying to use her, from that first night when he and Mr. Summers had picked her up. “Some day I may want you to use your powers,” he’d told her in the car, before they’d even gotten to the school. And he could barely wait a day before he was trying to make her use them. Collapse )