July 25th, 2005


Gluttoning on All (What’s Past is Prologue 8/18)

Jean-Paul barely registered what the guy approaching him looked like. Partly because it was pretty dark in the bar. Mostly because they all looked the same after a while and after a few drinks. He’d had more than a few drinks tonight, and he wasn’t noticing a lot of details. He had a general impression of young, healthy, male, and interested and that was all he was looking for tonight. Well, young was optional.

“Hi,” the guy said to him, and introduced himself. Visuals were registering a little more now. Clean, clean-cut, conservative looking. Looked like he’d be more at home in the bookstore across the street than in a backroom bar. Bookstore cruising not going well tonight, copain?

“I’m Jean-Paul.” The guy – Jean-Paul had already forgotten his name – actually reached out his hand to shake. Definitely not something that happened much in this place. “So, you want to go to the back room?” Jean-Paul asked as he took the guy’s hand.

The guy shook his head. “I’m not into back rooms, but I’d like to buy you a drink.”

“Save your money. I’m not into men who aren’t into back rooms.”
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