July 29th, 2005


Past Grief (What’s Past is Prologue 12/18)

“Are you all moved in?” I asked, as Scott opened the door to what had been Professor X’s office. I followed him over to the seating area by the fireplace, which was cold and devoid of wood, of course, in August. I noticed right away that the spot that had always been left empty for Charles’s wheelchair now had a large, upholstered armchair in it, the mate of the one across from it. I wondered idly if it had just been bought for this purpose.

“Not really,” he said, in response to the question I’d asked, sitting down in the big armchair and gesturing to me to sit down on the couch near him. He looked around a bit at his surroundings. “I’ve been avoiding moving in here, but I need the space. My office is too small for a lot of the meetings I hold. Shuttling back and forth was getting ridiculous.” He shrugged. “So, it may take a while to move all my stuff in, but I’m doing it. And I told Rogue she can reassign my office. My old office, I guess I should say.”

“I hope it was okay that I introduced Rick Kapell to you, yesterday.” I hesitated. “I wasn’t sure what to do. I thought of just pointing him out to you.”
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