August 5th, 2005


Additional Information for Readers of What's Past is Prologue - Part 1: Lesbian and Gay Parenting

Note: I decided to post my "Additional Information" file for my most recent series as three different lj posts. It will be one file on my website, but it covers three pretty distinct topics and it occurs to me that some folks might be interested in one or two of them, but not the whole thing. Today's post is on lesbian and gay parenting. Still to come:

* additional information on the real life publications quoted in Charles Xavier's fictional obituaries and why the obits are so different
* literature quoted in the series with references for etext for those who wish to read the source texts.

Gay and Lesbian Parenting – Social and Legal Issues

Queer parenting is a topic close to my heart. One of the reasons I was originally interested in writing Jean-Paul “Northstar” Beaubier is that he is canonically a gay dad, having adopted a baby girl who dies of HIV. In my fiction, gay parenting shows up in Northstar’s history, in a lesbian couple who have a child through donor insemination, and through Adam’s disrupted adoption of Daniel and the eventual successful adoption that Adam and Jean-Paul do together, of newborn baby Ezra. In this series, gay parenting also shows up in the person of Jake Patterson, who grew up in a queer family.
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