August 8th, 2005

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Additional Information for Readers of What’s Past is Prologue - Part 2: the Newspapers

My usual practice is to provide an "Additional Information" file that gives expanded information on literary references within the stories, along with urls for the works they're taken from. Sometimes I've also provided information on public health issues or other issues raised in the stories. With What's Past is Prologue I've broken the file into three different posts. The first was on gay and lesbian parenting. This second one is on the publications that appear in the series. The third will be the literary references.

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Scott X3

Additional Information for Readers of What’s Past Is Prologue – Part 3: Literature Referenced

This is the third part of my additional information file for What's Past is Prologue. Part 1 talked about lesbian and gay parenting and part 2 gave more information on the publications referenced in the series. This one covers literature.

In my stories, as in the X-Men movie, Scott Summers is a mutant superhero who also teaches high school. The movie doesn't specify what he teaches, but I've made him an English teacher. Xavier's Academy is a small school with a large variety of classes to choose from. Consequently each of the teachers takes on several different classes. Scott is seen in my stories teaching courses ranging from Shakespeare to Creative Writing to a poetry survey course, when he's not off on a mission. As Scott tells Logan in We’re Not What You Think, it's kind of a strange job. "Sometimes I teach English, sometimes I save the human race," he explains.

With Scott a major figure in most of my fiction, the stories tend to contain a lot of literary quotes, most of them guided by Scott's tastes in literature (which, strangely, mirror my own). It has been my practice to publish a literature guide providing references for the quotes in each series, along with URLs, where available, for those wishing to read the works quoted.
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