August 25th, 2005

Me writing

Plagiarism and Fanfic, or How I Stopped Worrying And Learned to Write Slash

I'm thinking about plagiarism lately. There was a rather blatant bit of plagiarism on that got brought to the attention of a list I’m on. Someone took a story (also on, copied and pasted, changed one of the characters’ names, changed the title, and presented it as her own. Many reviews have been posted complaining about that and complaints were made to the site owner as well, but it looks like nothing has been done to remove it or censure the author. marag also mentioned finding a similar act of plagiarism recently on her journal. I’m sure we can all agree that this practice is unethical.

So many practices, though, are not so clear cut. Collapse )

After all that rambling, I do have some questions, if anyone reading this would like to weigh in:

• How would you feel about someone using your original characters?
• Rewriting your stories?
• Using plot elements or character traits you have originated?
• Does it matter whether it’s acknowledged or not?
• What makes for plagiarism in fanfic? Would you apply different standards from those you’d apply to original fiction?
• If you had been the author of the story I rewrote, how would you have reacted? Would you have been nice and polite? Called me a filthy plagiarist? Said to go ahead and post it? Something else entirely?