September 20th, 2005


Still Alive, My Fanfic Plans, and My Wonderful 50th Birthday Celebration

Judging by my email (which I will get around to answering, I promise) it was noticed that I kind of dropped off the face of the livejournal earth. It wasn't intentional. I've been really busy lately, with work and kids and such. Plus I've got both the high holidays and my daughter's bat mitzvah coming up, and am prepping for those. The kids and I spent a wonderful vacation week in Virginia in August (Colonial Williamsburg for a couple of days and visiting friends in Charlottesville the rest of the week) and that threw me off, too, both with being away and with busy times to come back to. So, consider this notice that I'm alive and well and living in Brooklyn.

For the past month or so I've tried to keep up reading my f-list, but not always managed to. And I haven't posted for some time. I'm on fanfic writing hiatus until I finish transferring all my stories to my new website, and itching to get back to writing. I'm so not a website designer and so much a story teller, so I want to get back to what I do best. I've got over 100 stories on the new website, so I'm hoping to get that finished soon and get back to writing fiction, but said bat mitzvah is still looming, so it may be a while.

Next up is a series in my post-X2 sequence, sequel to Returning Spring. It will be the third and final series in my version of the Phoenix Saga. I know some of what happens but not everything in it. It will have "Summers" in the title, to go with the seasonal theme and to indicate that it focusses on Cyclops. After that, I have two more series waiting in the wings - one about Alex's integration into the X-Men (it will be a bumpy ride) and one revisiting the early days of the X-Men as told from Charles Xavier's point of view (now that he's dead, I miss him).

As to the third subject line topic, I just got back from a totally spectacular time at Walt Disney World (WDW), celebrating my 50th birthday, which occurred on Friday, September 16. I realize this was not a really grownup way to mark reaching half a century, so I was kind of unsure whether or not to do it. Still, when I thought about what I'd like to do, going to WDW with my kids was top on the list. So I decided to go for it and maturity be damned.

We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge, which I’ve wanted to do since it opened. The short version is that the whole experience was wonderful. We all had such a great time. We went on the special safari ride only for people staying there; went on tons of rides; swam a lot; ate really well, and saw tons of animals. It was a lovely way to mark a significant birthday. For those who want to know more than that, it's behind the cut. Collapse )