February 2nd, 2006


A Fine Romance - X2 Fic

Written for the xmenflashfic "First Time" prompt. I figured I'd put it here, too.

Title: A Fine Romance

Author: mofic

Scenario: X2 Movieverse, although it takes place long before either movie.

Pairing: Scott/Jean (yes, really)

Sequel/Series and so forth: This fits in with my two X2 series: After the Fall and Returning Spring (I'm working on the third one - working title: Summers in a Sea of Glory). My Scott's gay and in my X2 fiction he and Jean decided while in college to try and make a go of being a couple, in spite of that. Here's how Scott explains it to Logan in After the Fall:

"So Jean and I got an apartment together. In some ways it was the stereotypical gay man/straight woman friendship - we were often lusting after the same guys. But then our second year in college it changed. Maybe we'd both gotten our hearts stamped on too many times, or something. We already had each other as companions, study partners, roommates. It didn't seem that strange to add sex to the mix. We definitely looked on it at first as just friendship, friends who fuck, you know? But over time it felt like more. And when we came back here, after graduation, well we came back as a couple. Got a room together. I started building the school, with Charles. Jean was commuting to the city for med school. My life seemed sort of normal, all of a sudden. Respectable."

Behind the cut, the story of their first time. No explicit sex. No violence. About 1100 words. Collapse )
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