February 19th, 2006

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Begging for Betas

I'm looking for a few good betas :-). I tried soliciting on my journal once before and got wonderful betas, who have greatly improved the stories. I'm grateful for that help and I thought I'd try again now.

Although I have written the occasional one-shot, I mostly write story series, with each story being from 1500-4000 words. My series have ranged in length from 4 stories to 18 and from 12,000 words to 55,000 words.

My fiction is X-Men movieverse and I'm currently writing an X2-based series. For readers of my previous fiction, it is the third and final series in my version of the Phoenix Saga. It bears little resemblance to the Phoenix story within the comics, but is a "Jean comes back from the dead" series and uses some phoenix imagery as a nod to the comics. The first two series were called "After the Fall" and "Returning Spring." The working title for this one is "Summers in a Sea of Glory."

I've written about 7000 words so far, in three stories and expect this series will be around 8-10 stories and around 20,000 - 25,000 words when finished. It's NC/17 slash but it is not focussed solely on sex and relationships and it's not devoid of heterosexual characters and heterosexual relationships. There's an X-Men adventure/action plot that's the public story and a Scott/Logan/Jean triangle story that is the private one.

I like process betas, who will read stories as they are written and answer questions like "What do you
think happens next?" as well as do the more conventional proofreading and copy editing. This helps me to see whether my foreshadowing is too heavy-handed, too subtle, or just right. I ask questions about how the beta is reacting to the story and what s/he'd like to see happen or done differently. I don't always take that advice but I profit from it. I'm looking for the kind of impact the stories have on a few readers. It's not required that you have read my previous stories.

I don't usually post WIP, but I'm posting a draft of the first story in this series, to give a sense of what you'd be getting yourself into. Of course, if you've ever beta'ed for me before, you know what you're getting yourself into, and I'd be happy of your help again.

First story is behind the cut. It is followed by the questions I would ask betas to answer for this
story. If you are interested in beta'ing, write to me at mogbrg@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance for your attention and consideration.
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1. If you have not read the series that precede this, could you tell what was going on? What, if anything, was confusing? If you have read the others, was there too much recap? In particular, it's essential that the reader understand who Cassandra and Ethan are, since they will be major players in this series. Is there too much info about them, not enough, or just the right amount?

2. How do you think Logan has been behaving towards Scott during this period?

3. Why is Scott so defensive about his decision to not tell Jean about his relationship with Logan yet?

4. What do you think happens next?
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