March 23rd, 2006


Pesach is just around the corner...

so I offer a little seder-related fanfic. (cross-posted to weirdjews)

I write X-Men slash. I primarily focus on Scott/Logan, but I also write quite a bit about Jean-Paul "Northstar" Beaubier, Marvel's first openly gay character. In my fiction, Jean-Paul is involved with a man named Adam Greenfield. Adam's Jewishness is an occasional side-topic in most of my story series, but it's front and center in one short piece of fiction: Different From All Other Nights. This story tells what happens when Jean-Paul is invited to Adam's mother's house for seder. Check it out and let me know what you think!

I hope the story is accessible to people who aren't familiar with my fiction or with the X-Men. There is info on Pesach in the intro, for those unfamiliar with Jewish practice and holidays. Here's a little background on the characters, in case folks want it.

Jean-Paul Beaubier aka "Northstar"

A comic book character I've borrowed for my fiction. He's a member of the X-Men's Canadian affiliate: Alpha Flight. Jean-Paul's powers are super speed and flight. He's also Marvel's first openly gay character. In the comics he's perpetually single (in the world of comic books a character can be gay, he just can't have sex). He adopted an HIV-infected baby girl named Joanne, who died a couple of years before I bring him into my fiction. Jean-Paul is Quebecois; he's a former Olympic athlete (downhill skiing); he's an orphan who had a difficult childhood and never finished high school. His twin sister was not raised with him but they were reunited as adults. All of that is canon. In the comics he's often portrayed as a kind of cardboard character and almost a caricature of French Canadian men. He's shown as very impatient and very arrogant. I have not chosen to portray him as such. I think his basic story, including adopting a baby as a single man, suggests a much kinder and more nurturing individual. I've tried to portray him as such and have given him what I consider to be more accurate cultural characteristics. I've also tried to write him as speaking more authentic - and authentically colloquial - French than he does in the comics.

Adam Greenfield

One of my original characters. I created him because I decided Jean-Paul needed a fella. Adam's a journalist for the Miami Herald and he and Jean-Paul met in connection with the mutant crisis in the Republic of Belarus, as described in Foreign Correspondence. Adam is living in Washington, DC at the time of "Taking Chances." Adam's from Brooklyn originally. He is not a mutant.
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