April 18th, 2006


How to Have More Fun and Less Aggravation in Fandom

That sounds a little more prescriptive than I mean. I don't think I'm an expert at fun or fandom, but I'm a pretty happy fan most of the time. I guess what I really want to communicate is what I do to make fandom more fun and less aggravating to me. I’d love it if folks would tell me their strategies as well.

I felt moved to write this after reading discussions in a few places where people have seemed to suggest that fandom isn’t much fun for them anymore, due to issues ranging from too much ill-mannered controversy to not enough feedback. I’ve said some of the things below in comments elsewhere, but it’s the first time I’m putting it all together.

Basically, I try to enjoy fandom by doing two things:
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So, do any of those resonate with any of you? Any others you can suggest?