May 8th, 2006

Zara being Dale

Something I love

I encourage all on my friends list with an interest in fandom and a sense of humor to read the wonderful Mina de Malfois stories, now available on livejournal at The stories are a hilarious, insightful and ultimately loving parody of Online Fandom As We Know It, written with homage to Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster stories. Part roman a clef, part pastiche, the Mina stories never fall over the edge into meanness. They remain loving portrayals of fandom's ideosyncracies and fans' peculiarities.

Mina is a BNF who will remind you of several people you know. She's self-centered and self-absorbed, yet somehow in spite of all that self-focus completely lacking in self-awareness. Like Bertie Wooster, she manages to be loveable nonetheless. Archivist12, known as Arc, is in the Jeeves role, and she is the behind-the-scenes brains who manages to keep Mina out of trouble most of the time and make trouble go away when Mina doesn't have the sense to listen to her. The stories are truly LOL funny but also with lines with a quiet cleverness that you go back to read again and again, marveling at the layers of parodic meaning and leaving the reader madly in love with Arc and only wishing she were real.

I thank mina_de_malfois for the best stories I've read on line in a long, long time. I hope Mina's anonymous author will grace us with many more in this series.