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May 16th, 2006 - Mo's Journal

May 16th, 2006

May 16th, 2006
09:43 am


Con.txt - I'm so excited!
I'm going to be at Con.txt, a multi-fandom slash con in the DC area, in a few weeks. Details can be found here. It will be only my second con, the first being Escapade in 2005 (details of my Escapade experience can be found here, if anyone is interested).

I love the whole idea of a con, of spending a couple days with people who read and write slash and like to talk about it. I particularly loved the panel discussions at Escapade and am looking forward to them at con.txt. Since suggestions for panels opened, I have been proposing some and reading excitedly what others have been suggesting. I was thrilled to see that someone had put in a suggestion for an X-Men panel:

X-Men: Where's the Slash?

By the time con.txt happens there will be three X-Men movies as well as two cartoon series and a gazillion different (and sometimes contradictory) comic books. Which version of X-Men has the best slash potential? Why are some characters and pairings slashed more in comicsverse and some in movieverse? How to explain the relative dearth of Ultimates slash? What about mixing and matching between different forms of canon? Come to this panel to share and hear opinions on where to find slashy subtext and slash fic for X-Men and related Marvel characters.

I read that and thought "Wow! That sounds like something I'd just love to attend." Imagine my embarrassment when I realized I had suggested it :-).

Other panels I've suggested are behind the cut:

Read more...Collapse )

I hope at least one or two of them will make it to the panels list.

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