June 6th, 2006


That Judgment Cannot Cure (Summers in a Sea of Glory, 4/10)

I wasn’t so mad at him after that day. The day when we had the mission at the zoo. I’m not sure why. I sure as fuck had been mad at him before. But then a lot happened on that day and things changed somehow.

Scott and me hadn’t talked, hadn’t fucked, hadn’t done much of anything together since Vermont, and I’d just been getting madder and madder. Keeping it to myself, but it was there all the time. I wasn’t even sure what I was mad about, but I couldn’t look at him without feeling this rage or something. And shame, too. Feeling like I’d been tricked, betrayed, like I’d fallen for a pack of lies. Hating him for telling me all that stuff, hating myself for believing him. Feeling like things had been just fine with him and me before he started getting this love stuff in his head. Why’d he have to go ruining everything? Only I didn’t say anything about it. Didn’t know what to say. And then it just came out in the meeting about Cassandra. Maybe that’s what I needed – just yell at him, even if it wasn’t about what I really was mad for. Relieve some of the tension.
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Summers in a Sea of Glory is a sequel to Returning Spring, which in turn was a sequel to After the Fall.