June 10th, 2006

Charles x3

Once More Unto the Breach (Summers in a Sea of Glory, 8/10)

“Cabinet meeting in my office – immediately.” The voice was Charles Xavier’s. The words landed directly in Scott’s brain, with no need for telephones, or ears for that matter. It was the most efficient way to do it. Given that Charles was calling a meeting with no notice at 2:00 a.m., it was clear that he thought efficiency was important. Charles’s tone in Scott’s brain felt slightly apologetic under the urgency, though. Cyclops took the apologetic grace notes to be an acknowledgement of the fact that it had been a full day of classes followed by a mission he had only returned from an hour before. Scott had barely fallen asleep when the voice in his brain woke him again.

“I shouldn’t have bothered to get undressed,” Scott thought to himself, pulling on a uniform and grabbing his visor. Charles hadn’t said what the meeting was about, but he knew chances were better than even that a cabinet meeting called in the middle of the night would lead to a mission before the night was over.
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Summers in a Sea of Glory is a sequel to Returning Spring, which in turn was a sequel to After the Fall.