June 18th, 2006


Con.txt - My Con Report

I had a wonderful time at Con.txt in Silver Spring, MD. It's an all slash multifandom con and only my second con experience. I can't think of many things more enjoyable than spending two days talking about slash, fandom, and writing process. I got to talk about and hear other people talk about canon I love (X-Men, Star Wars). I got to hear about canon that I don't know but find intriguing (DC, Firefly). I got to immerse myself (some might saw wallow) in slash, slash and more slash.

I went to a bunch of panels and led or co-led three. The lovely and talented executrix and penknife kindly offered to, respectively, share the leading of her panel on politics of slash and join in leading my panel on X-Men slash. In addition, I led a panel on the different approaches three different fandoms take to confusing, complex and conflicting canon (Star Wars, X-Men, and Harry Potter).

My lover (who is not in fandom) came, too. There was a documentary film festival going on a couple of blocks from the hotel, so she spent some time there and some sightseeing and visiting friends in DC. We had the evenings and nights together and had the traveling time, too. executrix traveled back with us and we had a great time chatting en route.

Something I Learned (SIL) and Something I Said (SIS) at each panel:
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