June 21st, 2006

Me writing

Fandom Strife, Sunscreen and Credulousness - an outsider's view of the msscribe affair

I've read most of charlottelennox's master work, and followed some of the links. I've read the comments on fanthropology on the whole affair and discussed it a bit with friends. I'm not in HP fandom and don't know any of the people involved. I'm sad for people who got hurt by this and kind of fascinated by it. I was even kind of amused by it, fora few chapters. I stopped finding it funny when we get to the part about harrassing a woman with a terminal illness. The comment I relate to the most is the one in the fanthropology post from phoebesmum: So very different, I'm glad to say, from the home life of my own dear fandom. I can't imagine this - or anything remotely like it - happening in X-Men fandom.
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I've been in bed for most of the past couple of days (had some minor surgery on Monday and have to recuperate) and spending much more time reading LJ than I usually do. These random ramblings are the result.