December 4th, 2006

Zara being Dale

Truth and Lies Meme

from kestrelsparhawk. It's like that old game "Two Truths and a Lie" only it's five truths and five lies. Dear F-list, please tell me which are true and which are fiction.

1. I’m the eldest of six siblings.

2. New York City is the southern-most place I’ve ever lived.

3. I got a perfect score on the LSAT but never went to law school.

4. I’m fluent in four languages.

5. The only non-North American countries I’ve been to begin with the letter I: India, Israel and Ireland.

6. I have three children and they can all juggle.

7. I’m waiting to find out if I have cancer.

8. My daughter Zara is named after Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter.

9. My kids are from a heterosexual marriage before I came out.

10. I never heard of slash until October of 2000 and published my first slash series in November of 2000.