December 15th, 2006


Flight of Parental Nostalgia: My Son Doran and the Supreme Court

So, as some of you know, Doran enlisted in the Marines. He left for boot camp a week and a half ago. It's not what I would have chosen for him, but I am very clear that it's not my role to choose. He's an adult and needs to make adult decisions. I'm working hard on finding the value that he sees in this choice. I'm also, of course, frightened for his safety.

Mostly, though, I'm just missing him so much. He's a great kid (yes, I know I just called him an adult, but at 18, they're both) - loving, thoughtful, intelligent, fun. We've always been very close. He wasn't one of those kids who withdrew at adolescence and, in fact, really craved and demanded one-on-one time with me. And at 18 he still walks down the street with his arm around my shoulders and says "I love you" to me in front of his friends. I'm accustomed to spending a lot of time with him, to talking to him during the day even when I'm at work. It's very hard to not only not see him (which would have happened if he were at college, too) but not be able to talk to him, either. It's making me think back on his childhood. An old story, for those who haven't known me so long (or those who'd like to hear it again :-)):

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Hanukah Begins Tonight

and it's still not the Jewish Christmas :-). I did a write up last year saying a little bit of what Hanukah is and isn't, and telling my favorite Hanukah joke. If you're interested, you can find it here.