December 31st, 2006

New Year

2006: The Year in Mofic

In 2006 I had a much less prolific fiction-writing year than 2005, but in 2005 I wrote and posted what was, for me, a whole hell of a lot of fiction: 140,000 words.

This year I completed one series, Summers in a Sea of Glory. It’s a 10-part story series set in the X2 movieverse, the third and final installment in my version of the Phoenix Saga. The first two parts of that trilogy, After the Fall and Returning Spring were written in 2004 and 2005 respectively. Together the three series form the Seasons Trilogy. I also completed a one-shot set in X2 movieverse, consistent with the Seasons Trilogy, about the beginning of Scott and Jean’s relationship: A Fine Romance .

In addition to the X2 stories, I wrote my first drabble (in the X3 movieverse) and did my first remix (in comicverse).

For the last few months I’ve been working on and off on a series in my X1 timeline, a sequel to What’s Past is Prologue. It’s almost done and will be posted in January. It’s called “Past and to Come” and is ten stories long and about 25,000 words. Since it’s not quite complete, I’ll count it towards my 2007 totals. For 2006, I completed:

1 series
2 one-shots
1 drabble

Totaling 13 stories and about 34,500 words.

In addition, I wrote some essays. For idol_reflection I did a profile on Jean-Paul “Northstar” Beaubier: A True Homo Strong and Free

I also began a series of informational essays on lesbian and gay parenting, that I call Gay Parenting 101. I hope that they will be interesting as general information, but also of use to slash writers who wish to have realistic portrayals of same-sex parents in their fiction. In 2006, I completed six essays in this series, totalling around 11,000 words:

How do Lesbians and Gay Men Have Children?

What is the Legal Status of Same-Sex Parents?

Death and Divorce

Tools to Protect Gay and Lesbian Families - Part 1, Second Parent Adoption

Tools to Protect Gay and Lesbian Families - Part 2, Civil Union, etc.

Coming Out Isn’t Talking Dirty

And, of course, I spent some of 2006 writing meta-commentary, indulging in a few memes and updating folks on developments in my life.

Happy New Year to all!
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