January 8th, 2007

Scott and Logan

New Series: Past and to Come

Series Title: Past and to Come

Author: Mo

Characters and Pairings: Various characters appear in this series, both canon and original. The main pairings are Scott/Logan and Jean-Paul/Adam Greenfield (an original character).

Summary: Alex joins the X-Men and it’s a bumpy ride. Jean-Paul and Adam adjust to changes in their relationship; Scott and Logan adjust to Scott’s new responsibilities; everyone is trying to adjust to the loss of Charles Xavier.
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Past Grief (Past and to Come 1/10)

“Damn you, Charles Xavier. Why’d you have to die and leave me to deal with all of this alone?”

Scott found himself saying that at least once a day. Some days it was his first thought on waking and his last before – mind racing with all he hadn’t accomplished that day – he fell into an uneasy sleep. Collapse )