January 12th, 2007


Past Imperfect (Past and to Come, 5/10)

I think I’ve found him.
I have hopes that this is the one I’ve been looking for since Hal left. I’ve been watching him for a few months, and will need to do so for a while longer, I think, before I take any action. I’m not putting all my hopes in him; I’m still investigating other possibilities. Still, I have a strong feeling he’s the one.

He’s quite young – not yet sixteen and just came into his powers a few months ago. He has huge promise. A very powerful alpha class mutant – Cerebro lights up the whole room when I’m watching him. His is a mutation I haven’t seen before, a kind of forceful beam that comes out of his eyes. I’ve decided to call it “optic blasts.” Excellent combat potential. And he has an amazing level of self-control. He can’t control his powers yet and he’s managed to keep his eyes closed for months now, since first manifesting. The original manifestation resulted in the death of his father, which is certainly a powerful motivator, but there are very few with that kind of resolve and physical control, regardless of motivation. I think he’ll be able to withstand the training much better than the others could.
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This is chapter 5 of a 10-part series. The complete series is being archived here .