January 13th, 2007

Scott and Logan

My Own Love’s Strength (Past and to Come 6/10)

“Dammit, Logan! There’s nothing going on, and I’m sick of trying to convince you of that.” Scott got up off of the bed, walked over to the other side of the room, and sat down in the armchair there. Legs drawn up against his body, arms round his knees, he was glaring at Logan, the red glow behind his glasses bright in the dark room.

Logan glared back, sitting on Scott’s bed. “I saw you two in the Danger Room. He was all over you.”

“He was hugging me. He was worried about me. We’re friends. We’ve been friends since high school.”

“You were fuck buddies not that long ago.”

“Not that long ago? Okay, maybe from where you stand at 160 years old or whatever, it’s not that long ago. For those of us who live a normal life span – which would include both Warren and me – it was a long time ago. Years ago, and it barely lasted two minutes. Collapse )

This is the sixth chapter in a ten-part series. The entire series is being archived here .