January 14th, 2007

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Remembrance of Things Past (Past and to Come 7/10)

Ororo was half-way through the lesson on Appomattox when the door opened and Havok walked in. He was showing the effects of the previous day’s training session, she noticed. Or, more specifically, the results of the “sparring” he and Logan had done before the training. His left eye was swollen shut, the purple lid surrounded by a darker ring. Other wounds on his face and neck were bandaged, but inexpertly. Storm reflected that it was unlikely that Jean had tended to him – he appeared to have done his own wound care. That must be very painful, she thought, looking at his ravaged face.

Havok’s movements were suggestive of pain as well. He was not exactly limping, but was walking slowly and gingerly into the classroom. He stood at the back of the room for a minute, than pulled a chair towards himself and very slowly lowered his body into it. Storm noticed him grimace slightly, but mostly he seemed attentive to the lesson. The students, accustomed to visiting X-Men in their classes, continued the discussion without a break.

When class was over and the students had all filed out, Alex moved to stand up. “No, don’t,” Ororo said. “Stay there.” She walked over towards him, sitting down on a desk nearby, her long legs swinging a bit. “Thanks for coming to see me,” she said. “Was my note unclear? I didn’t expect you until the end of the class.”

“Now you’ll be thinking I show up at everything early. I actually was later than I meant to be. I was going to be here for the beginning of class, but I’m not so quick getting ready with this,” he said, gesturing to the sling.

“And why would you want to attend a high school history lesson?”

“Desperate times call for desperate measures.” Collapse )

This is the seventh chapter of a ten-part series. The entire series is being archived here .