January 16th, 2007

Scott and Logan

Take Him for All in All (Past and to Come, 9/10)

Scott was asleep when Logan showed up in his room. It was late and Logan hadn’t expected to find him awake. On the other hand, he hadn’t expected to find Scott sprawled across the bed fully clothed, either. He stood still, looking at him for a minute. The room was dark, but Logan’s heightened senses picked up enough light from the hallway and the digital clock by the bed to see perfectly well. There were tears drying on Scott’s cheeks. Ruby quartz glasses and a leather bound journal were on the bed close to hand. But Scott’s face looked peaceful, serene. Logan picked up both the diary and the glasses and put them on the night stand by the bed. Sitting down next to Scott, he ran his hand through his lover’s hair saying, “Hey Sleeping Beauty. You want to take off your clothes and get into bed?”

Scott startled awake. Eyes closed tighter, he felt around with his hand. Logan smoothed the clenched eyelids saying, “They’re closed enough. It’s okay. Relax. I’ve got your glasses. You don’t need them now, do you? Nobody’s here but me.”
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This is the ninth chapter in a ten-part story series. The entire series is being archived here.