January 18th, 2007


Past Help (Past and to Come 10/10)

I need to make contact with Alexander Summers very soon. I’ve been watching him on Cerebro and it appears that he is on the verge of coming into his powers. I don’t know yet what his gift is, but if it’s anything related to his brother’s it could be disastrous for it to emerge in that facility.

Seeing him will not be simple, though. The policy of the detention center is that only parents or those they designate may visit. The result is that he has not had a single visitor during the time he has been there. It’s highly unlikely that his mother will provide me with the letter of reference I’d need to gain entry as a visitor. I could produce a letter purportedly from her, or even use mind control to get her to sign one. However, my concern is that if they check with her, my deception will be revealed.

I think I’m better off to come up with a different pretext. Perhaps I can pose as a psychologist doing research on incarcerated youth and interview him as one of a number of subjects. I can certainly come up with some realistic-appearing documents and provide some mind control convincing in addition, if necessary. Of course, I still run the risk that after the visit my stratagem will be uncovered and they will find out that the documents are fraudulent, and maybe even that I’m a mutant. However, if that does happen, they won’t know that I had a special interest in one of their inmates, so his mutant status will not be revealed. It’s important that whatever I do I do not endanger this young man through my actions.
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This is the last story in a 10-part series. The entire series is archived here.
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Additional Information for Past and To Come

In my stories, as in the X-Men movie, Scott Summers is a mutant superhero who also teaches high school. The movie doesn't specify what he teaches, but I've made him an English teacher. Xavier's Academy is a small school with a large variety of classes to choose from. Consequently each of the teachers takes on several different classes. Scott is seen in my stories teaching courses ranging from Shakespeare to Creative Writing to a poetry survey course, when he's not off on a mission. As Scott tells Logan in Canadian Nights, it's kind of a strange job. "Sometimes I teach English, sometimes I save the human race," he explains.

With Scott a major figure in most of my fiction, the stories tend to contain a lot of literary quotes, most of them guided by Scott's tastes in literature (which, strangely, mirror my own). It has been my practice to publish a literature guide providing references for the quotes in each series, along with URLs, where available, for those wishing to read the works quoted.

This series, in addition to literary content, raises some issues that might be of interest to some readers in the Northstar subplot. After the literary descriptions there is some further information on homosexuality in Judaism, and on the legal status of same-sex parents.
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Miscellaneous Works and Some Speculations on Biblical Sex

Tanakh. Two books of the Tanakh (Jewish bible) are referenced in Adam’s story about his relationship with Yossi. As Adam points out to Jean-Paul, the books are also included in the Christian bible (although he mistakenly says “your bible” to Jean-Paul and is corrected). The book of Leviticus, Chapter 18, is referenced in the prescription against anal sex as “toevah” – abomination. See notes below on homosexuality in Judaism for more on that.

The story of David and Jonathan and their love for each other is told in Samuel, Book 1, particularly in chapters 18 and 20. When their relationship is first introduced the narrative says that David loved Jonathan “as he loved his own soul.” That line gives the title to the story in which Adam and Jean-Paul talk about this. In chapter 20 of Samuel, Book 1, David and Jonathan are seen kissing and it says “they kissed each other and they cried with each other until David got big.” What does that mean? We really can’t know, and different people have different interpretations.
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Tangential Issues

A couple of issues come up in the Jean-Paul and Adam subplot of the series that I’d like to provide a little more information on. Adam tells Jean-Paul a story from his youth, of having been in love with a high school classmate, an Orthodox Jew. Jean-Paul tells Alex that he and Adam are still working on getting legal parental rights to Ezra (also alluded to in What’s Past is Prologue). Some further information and further reading/viewing opportunities on both of these issues.
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The Compliment Meme

Gacked from chimosa who gives good compliment.

Comment here and I'll tell you one thing that I like about you. I'm incurably honest so it will be the unvarnished truth.

Then go post it in your LJ and see who comments.
Adam Greenfield

What's on your real resume?

I know - I'm spamming my flist with posts today. I've got all this pent-up demand, so to speak, since I've only been posting Past and to Come.

So, I have this theory that everybody has a "real resume" - a short, unspoken phrase that sums the individual up as a worker. I gave my theory to Adam Greenfield, journalist and lover of Jean-Paul "Northstar" Beaubier, in Unexpected Occurrences. He explains it more fully behind the cut.

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So, my real resume says:

Smart, funny, and writes well.

What's yours?