January 25th, 2007

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Why Do Our Characters Have Sex?

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The discussion on subversion in slash led a lot of places for me - both places on livejournal and places in my head :-). One place it led is thinking about motivation for sex. Here are some of my ideas on the subject. I'd love to hear others' thoughts, as well.

I'm a firm believer in treating sex in fiction like we treat all other human activities.

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I am not suggesting that the author explain everything I put into the bullets above, and certainly not suggesting s/he explain it during the sex scene. But I do think the author ought to know a lot more than s/he discloses about characters, and sex is no exception. If I were writing the scenario above, some of that information might be given to the reader in scenes previous to the sex scene (e.g. you might see what happened to Partner A at work or have been privy to Partner B's thoughts seeing A flirting with the next door neighbor). Some of it might be revealed after the sex scene (B might broach the vacation topic in the post-coital glow and get an earful of A's money worries). Some of it might be implicit in the scene itself, and some of it may never be revealed. I maintain, though, that knowing all of that will inform the sex scene and grant it a verisimilitude that "they're in love" or "they're just doing this to get off" can't.