July 30th, 2007


Getting Back to Normal

I'm done with the funereal stuff and back at work today. I still have a lot of sadness, but that's to be expected. We had a lovely shiva minyan at my home on Tuesday night. A bunch of people from shul (plus a couple of non-shul friends, and my ex) came and I told stories about my father and there was a really beautiful service, too. I didn't know quite what to say about the estrangement (since certainly few in the shul knew anything about it) so I just said at the outset, "I imagine many of you don't realize this, but my parents disowned me when I came out at age 19, so I haven't had a relationship with my father for pretty much my whole adult life. I still loved him a lot and have lots of lovely stories to share." And then I told a bunch of them, many of them the ones I'd shared on lj.

C. and I took Zara to camp in Cape Cod over the weekend. We spent Friday night/Saturday with good friends in Northampton, and then Saturday night about an hour from the camp, in a motel, just to minimize the driving time on Sunday (it's 7 hours at least getting home, and C. and I both needed to be at work today). Zara was soooooo excited to be back at camp; she giggled uncontrollably the last half hour getting there. As soon as we got there she found her best camp buddy and they picked up right where they'd left off last summer. She'll spend two weeks sailing and swimming and singing camp songs. If past is prologue, she'll be recounting every minute of it when she gets back.