August 10th, 2007

Zara being Dale

The Elements Are Out to Get Me (Plus More Picspam)

So, we had really intense thunderstorms in New York City early Wednesday morning, and even a tornado in Brooklyn! It didn't touch down in my neighborhood, but did lots of damage where it did touch down. And the storms overwhelmed the pumps in the subway tunnels and shut down much of the subway system. I tried for over two hours to get to work, just taking whatever was running and getting rerouted nowhere near lower Manhattan and trying again. Finally I gave up and went home and worked from home.

Yesterday everything was back to normal. On my way home, though, the subway car I was in caught fire just as it entered one of the main transfer stations. The whole station got evacuated and I got home with a mixture of foot and bus.

So, in two days both water and fire have conspired to interrupt my commute. All I need is for earth and air to attack me and I will be done.

In other news, I have proof positive that Zara did something other than clean latrines at camp.

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Today's her last day at camp. Her other mother is en route to pick her up right now, even as I post. I can't wait to see her!