September 6th, 2007

gay unicorn

Republican Sex Scandals and Slash

So how many Republican sex scandals are yet to come? Any bets out there? The ones getting caught are likely a subset of the total number of Republican homophobes who are secretly having homosex. Yet there are so many getting caught! And then, of course, there's the illicit heterosexual sex engaged in by the likes of Senator David Vitter. Can the revelations really continue at this pace? Time will tell.

Let's look at a couple of the recent ones. Collapse )
What does all this have to do with slash? Well, how often have those of us who read and write slash been told that we are completely changing the character if we show him having sex with a man and he isn't shown doing so in canon? We are constantly criticized for violating our characters' canonical personalities. Now, I'm not saying that there isn't out-of-character slash, because of course there is. But good slash isn't out of character. It works with the canonical personality and it recognizes that the behavior a person exhibits that's seen by a particular observer (be that person a constituent, a reader, or a wife) is not all there is to someone's personality. Bob Allen's and Larry Craig's "canonical" personalities were very decidedly heterosexual, yet it appears Bob Allen and Larry Craig are not so decidedly heterosexual. There are myriad men like them. Being publicly heterosexual, saying repeatedly "I'm not gay" doesn't stop them from desiring men, and it doesn't stop them from acting on those desires. What it mostly stops them from doing is making sensible choices about who to play footsie with and whose cock to offer to suck.

To quote Barney Frank, who knows from sex scandals:

"Being in the closet doesn't make you do dumb things, doesn't justify you doing dumb things, it just makes them likelier."